Oregon Junco

Oregon Junco

8x10 Watercolour cards $5. many designs. 

IMG 20200403 145730 2 Mobile


Avocet (card) search for more cards under (recent additons)


Eagle Close Up

Eagle Close Up- 14x11 unframed - $200

eagle 18 Mobile


Card sample

Cards - original and prints

Card - Flying Heron 

card heron 18

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal 

8x10 (SOLD)

card pretty bird 18

Elk in the Mountains

Elk in the mountains 2018 MobileA restful day on the mountain edge

Watercolour 21x28 framed $350 


Two Horse Pair Card

Two Horse Pair Card This is a sample of some recent cards.  They are 4x6 watercolour and Ink 

HIgh Mountains

High MountainsPsalm 104:18 "The High Mountains belong to the wild goats"

Watercolour 14x11 unframed $150









Jeremiah 4:13

"Horses swifter than eagles"


Snowy Day

Snowy Day - 11x14 unframed $200 Watercolour

Snowy Day

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