Friend or Foe?

HarleyMay 2011_smPastel Painting 18x24 framed

Framed $275

A fun loving little dog who is not sure who is invading his spot.

Leave Me Alone

Leave me_alone_Janes_Mar_09sm8x10 Watercolour $60 framed

This aging dog seemed to just want to be left alone to lay in the sunshine. He was an easy subject to paint as he stayed still.

Humming Colour


Humming Colour


Copper and Sable

Copper _Sable2_April_11smPastel 15x22

Commission Sale, in private collection

Pussy On The Quilt

Pussy on_the_quilt_sm11x14 framed Watercolour $110

This picture was painted a couple of years ago but never got on the website, so here it is now.

Tucked In

Tucked in_sm_Apr_10Watercolour 16x20 framed $250

This gracful swan showed me some action that made me take the challenge to paint. Swans are quite close to humans as long as they are in the water, they are quite at home.

Slug On the Path

Slug in_the_path_09_smWatercolour 11x14 framed


Most people go Yooo when they see this picture but when I saw this creature and all the colour of the rocks and vegetation around him, I couldn't help but see a picture here. What's your reaction?

Seen at Coast Collective Gift Shop where this painting is showing.

Swan Pair

Swan pair_sm_Apr_10Watercolour 16x20 



Webster 2_Dec_09_smThe proud Canadian

Watercolour 11x14 unframed

Mommy Swan

Mommy Swan_smWatercolour & Ink

Small painting that was shown at the Showcase of the Arts Show April 10,11, 2010 and sold.

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