Watercolour 11x14 unframed 

Marbles 18 2 Mobile

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle

Some pastel fun - testing new paper 3x10 Sold

Blue Bottle mar 15sm

Sound the Trumpet

Sound the Trumpet

Mixed Media 16 x20

Sound the Trumpet

Balloons in the sky

Ink and Watercolour 8x10

Balloons in the Sky


Pink and Blue

Pink _Blue_Oct_2010sm16x20 Framed $200

Abstractly indicating folds of material and a clear glass but it could mean other things to you too.


limesWatercolour 11x14 matted

in private collection

Lime green anyone? Green, Green, Green. This is an arrangement set up around an interesting piece of pottery made by my husband. The work is a gift to a special friend.

Florals on the Mantel

Florals on_the_Mantel_Feb_10_sm16x20 Watercolour Matted

This still life was done as part of our "Paint Out Tuesday" - it was a little chilly for painting outdoors, so we took advantage of our hostess and painted indoors putting together this display. The fun little frog was added for just that "fun".

Pitcher On Yupo

pitcheronyuboWatercolour 11x14 matted
Yubo paper is a different experience. The paint flows differently.

Primary Balloons

Primary Balloons_Nov_09Balloons for any party in primary colours.

Watercolour on crinkled rice paper

5x7 or 8x10 framed

Tea Urn

Tea Urn_sm20x16 framed $250

This Still Life setting are some of my memories or family memories which show some of my favorite colours - Blue, gold and Burnt Sienna. The dainty cup doesn't make for a hot cup of tea but it is pretty to serve. The Tea Urn is a family heirloom - a wedding gift to my grandparents married in England in the late 1800s. It was brought over on a ship in 1911 by my grandmother and three children who came to Canada to join Grandpa in his new venture in the new land of promise. It has stood the test of time and painting this was a fun experience for me. Maybe it brings back your family memories.

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