Fall Tree



Fall Tree  16x20 

Fall treethumb

Flowing River

Flowing River 

16x20 matted 

flowing riverthumb

Arbutus Mural

Arbutus Mural NFS 6' x 6'  Acrylic

This was inspired by a "Paint Out" trip to Peason College some time ago and was painted on my wall during COVID shut down, a good way to change my scenery. 


Wall Mural May 21 Mobile

Like Mount Robson 

Like Mount Robson 

Watercolour 16x20 

LIke Mt Robson Mar 21 Mobile

emerald lake

emerald lake - 16x20 

emerald lake Custom

Ride into the sunset (card)

Ride into the sunset (card) 


Ride into the sunset (card)

Wet Goldstream

Wet Goldstream Park 2018 CustomWhen it is wet here everything drips SOLD 


Slate Mountains

slate mtn 2018 CustomMany times the atmosphere in the mountains is mainly blue

Watercolour on canvas 16x20 

Rocky Ledges

rocks ledges 2018 Custom800x600Rocky faces as seen in many Canadian Ranges

Watercolour on canvas 12x15 


Prairie Spring

Prairie Spring

Lots of wet land to bring on the new life.  Watercolour 16x20

Prairie Spring

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