Stephen Hawking - Watercolour 8x20 - Done as part of a portrait challenge $75 unframed 

Stephen Hawking July 20 Custom

Watercolour 11x14

In private collection


Sef Portrait_May_13sm_Watercolour 20x16

Doreen Blunt_smWatercolour 16x20

In private collection

Donna Southwood_Mar_11sm16x20 NFS

Commissions for portaits welcome

Ron Caven_Mar_2011smWatercolour 16x20

In private Collection

Commissions taken for portraits

Picasso March_11sm_This is an exercise that we did for fun. It is not for sale unless you twist my arm.

Bob July_2010_sm16x20 watercolour


Yellow wig_clown_sm_Aug_10_smMixed Media 5x7

In private collection

Friendly Clown_Jul_2010smMixed Media 5x7 Framed $25

See the clown series of the artist - Big and small

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