Huge Wave

A rescue picture - layers of various papers placed over an old painting to bring out textures.

Mixed Media

Huge Wave

Summer Sail

A beautiful hot sunny day on the water

Summer Sail

Crashing Waves was another experiment this weekend trying out some new techiques and opening my eyes further to potential.

Pastel 12x18

Crashing Waves


Quiet Bay

11 x14 Watercolour

Quiet scene of boats getting to safety before the fog rolls in.  Playing with some interesting combination of primary colours.

knobbytreeinsunset16 x20 watercolour


earlymorningolympicsWatercolour - 11x14 framed 16x20

Early morning at Sax Point this day was very iffy for painting as the rain came before we were able to finish but we were able to watch the sun and clouds splash over the mountains like huge waves. There was plenty of boating activity and wild life trying to get to safety before the winds rose.

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