At The Dock

At The Dock  

At the Dock June 22 2

Thailand Boats

Thailand Boats

Watercolour 11x14 

Thailand boatas 18 Mobile

VW Senior Home

VW Senior Home

Watercolour 11x14

Volkswagons, not finished their lives but being restored for more travel.


Lone Boat

Lone Boat_jan12_smWatercolour 16x20

Our plein air experience summer 2012 revealed this lone boat that stood out from all the rest at Westbay.


The Old Abandoned Truck

Old abandoned_Truck_02A work in coloured Pencil. There was so much work in this, there is no way it could be sold. An artist sort of gets attached to something that every stroke is so personal as with coloured pencil. An enjoyable project. In Artist's collection

The Caddy at the Castle

Caddy at_Casa_Loma_2003A favorite auto in a favorite place

In private Collection

Nova Scotia Island Fishing Boats

Front cover_2_sm_000316x20 framed 

There is a long history behind the Island Fishing Boat in Nova Scotia. This painting was done to use as the front cover for Ron's newest book to be coming out soon "Sam's Chance"

Heritage Delivery Truck

Old delivery_Truck_08A local Heritage Spot has held on to the past with this tired old truck - what stories it could tell.

Watercolour 11x14 framed

The Little Old Austin

Austin Dec_2000Watercolour and Ink

A fun piece done several years ago.

Boat At The Pier

Boat _pier_04_02This little boat is ready to go at a moment's notice.

Watercolour 11x14 


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