Heritage Church_Se_08Acrylic Painting - not framed

A church sits on a heritage site for those who wish to see a church in miniature.

Ida Anne_Cabin_2010sm20x16 Watercolour $250

by Dorothy Donovan

No this really isn't a cabin but the feeling when we were sitting there was very country and a little cabin beside the idyllic lake. The three bare trees sort of divide the picture into two with some very distinct trees on one side and the home on the other. Some very distinct shapes were evident.

Craigflower farm_Jun_0816x20 framed Watercolour and Ink

This is a heritage House that stands as a reminder of the days long gone. A property saved in the middle of a bustling city, it stands as a reminder that people farmed and lived off the land.

Artists Cabin16x20 framed

A little building I have called Artist's Cabin as I could see this as a beautiful place to have for a studio way out looking over some beautiful countryside.

rustybarn( click on picture to enlarge)

This particular barn we saw in Ontario but it could be Mr. Barn anywhere. SOLD

AnnsHouseCommissioned painting


cavinginWatercolour 16 x 20 framed $250

This picture intrigued me to try to paint the feeling of a Metchosin shed/barn that has been left to fall into ruin. The moss and the green overtake what it once was. Sometimes we can relate to the feeling of "caving in".

multi rooves_0916x20 framed

What do you mean you don't see all those colours when you look at the roofs below you? This row of houses spread out below the next level of houses gave a full view of the roof tops and overlooked the whole city. What fun!

Lighthouse8 x 10 matted

This was a lighthouse we saw in our travels to Nova Scotia

fishingshack11 x 14 matted

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