Artist's Cabin

Artists Cabin16x20 framed

A little building I have called Artist's Cabin as I could see this as a beautiful place to have for a studio way out looking over some beautiful countryside.

Rusty Barn Roof

rustybarn( click on picture to enlarge)

This particular barn we saw in Ontario but it could be Mr. Barn anywhere. SOLD

Ann's House

AnnsHouseCommissioned painting


Caving In

cavinginWatercolour 16 x 20 

This picture intrigued me to try to paint the feeling of a Metchosin shed/barn that has been left to fall into ruin. The moss and the green overtake what it once was. Sometimes we can relate to the feeling of "caving in".

Multicoloured Roofs

multi rooves_0916x20 framed

What do you mean you don't see all those colours when you look at the roofs below you? This row of houses spread out below the next level of houses gave a full view of the roof tops and overlooked the whole city. What fun!


Lighthouse8 x 10 matted

This was a lighthouse we saw in our travels to Nova Scotia

Fishing Shack

fishingshack11 x 14 matted

Homestead Barn

homesteadbarnWatercolour - 16 x20 matted NFS

My grandfather built this barn in the early 1900s and it served the family for over 60 years. It does not stand today, so here I have brought it back to life. It housed many a head of cattle in rural Manitoba. The birch trees waved in the breeze and left an eerie, but calming memory from visits in my childhood. Collection the artist.


Ivy And Stone

ivyandstone 16x20 

Pendray House in the Fall attracted us to make it a spot for plein air painting. 

Watercolour by Dorothy Donovan

Market Garden

MarketGardenWatercolour 11x14

In private Collection SOLD

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