Popegok 2014 smWatercolour 8x10 $100 framed

This b & w photo has been in my mother's collection since 1926 taken in Alaska, finally I have painted it.



Mica Mar_13_sm11x14 watercolour unframed

Friendly pet who likes his bone.


Kahlo Dec_2012sm16x20 framed watercolour commission

Burmese Mountain dog.

John, Beso, & Kahlo

John Beso_Kahlo_final_2_2012smWatercolour

Commission painting

Such beautiful dogs and pets, Bermese Mountain dogs.

Family Friend

Family Frient_jan_13_smwatercolour 8x10 unframed

This Bermese Mountain Dog is trying to nap.


Beso Dec_2012sm16x20 framed Watercolour

commission painting

Friend or Foe?

HarleyMay 2011_smPastel Painting 18x24 framed

Framed $275

A fun loving little dog who is not sure who is invading his spot.

Leave Me Alone

Leave me_alone_Janes_Mar_09sm8x10 Watercolour $60 framed

This aging dog seemed to just want to be left alone to lay in the sunshine. He was an easy subject to paint as he stayed still.

Humming Colour

11x14 framed $150

Humming Colour


Oh, Those Horses!

Oh those_horsessm_019Watercolour & Ink

16x16 framed $110

Six little individual paintings in a frame that looks like a barn

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