Two Brothers

broandkodaA commission painting for the owners of these pets, special members of the family.

Watercolour 22 x 28 framed


Bird In The Spring


Watercolour 11x14 matted

Mingling of colours and flowing flowers and bird.

SOLD at Admirals Medical Clinic

Mallard On The Pier

mallardonthe pierWinter painting takes some imagination and creating of a scene. Goldstream nature house gave us that lovely opportunity and this mallard stood nice and still for me and sat in the pier scene. What a fun place to visit.

11x14 framed Watercolour by Dorothy Donovan


Young Buck

youngbuckThe young buck seems to be looking at the rest of the family to see what alarmed all of them.

Watercolour 22x28 framed

$300 framed

The Three Pooches

thethreepoochesPastel by Dorothy Donovan


Cuddly and fun looking pooches waiting for some attention.

SOLD at the Roaming Gallery - Crossroads Pub in Colwood


You Must be the Early Bird

You must_be_the_Early_Bird_July_13_sm


This interesting cat begged to tell a story around its stance.

11x14 unframed Watercolour Click on the picture to enlarge



Louie Dec_13_015sm

Watercolour - 11x14 - 2013

In Private Collection

Our family pet and special joy.

Shepherd and His Lamb

Shepherd and_the_lamb_Jan_14_sm

Watercolour & Coloured Pencil - 5x7

In Private Collection

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