Young Buck

youngbuckThe young buck seems to be looking at the rest of the family to see what alarmed all of them.

Watercolour 22x28 framed

$300 framed

The Three Pooches

thethreepoochesPastel by Dorothy Donovan


Cuddly and fun looking pooches waiting for some attention.

SOLD at the Roaming Gallery - Crossroads Pub in Colwood


You Must be the Early Bird

You must_be_the_Early_Bird_July_13_sm


This interesting cat begged to tell a story around its stance.

11x14 unframed Watercolour Click on the picture to enlarge



Louie Dec_13_015sm

Watercolour - 11x14 - 2013

In Private Collection

Our family pet and special joy.

Shepherd and His Lamb

Shepherd and_the_lamb_Jan_14_sm

Watercolour & Coloured Pencil - 5x7

In Private Collection

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