Robin In The Spring

robinsinspringAcrylic on canvas - 12x12

artist - Dorothy Donovan

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In Gracie's Private Collection

Who's Looking At Who?

whoslookingatwho15x22 Watercolour

This fun picture asks a question because the answer can never be sure. Maybe it could have been named, "Who's going to eat who?" but we won't get into that. The highlands site where this scene got its inspiration just oozed with ideas of all kinds of things to paint but I couldn't help but feel that somewhere lurking there was a cougar and maybe a bear and maybe the other creatures. It leads to a story tellers inspiration.

Find The Fish

findthefishThis fun picture may surprise you as you look. I found some obvious fish but maybe you can see some more?

In Dixie's collection

The Grey Mare

thegreymare11x14 Watercolour $110

Highland horses were enjoying a time in their paddock and came to have a curious look at the intruders. We enjoyed them too. Horses are my favorite animal and I hope you will see more of them as I capture them in different poses and settings.

Peacock Clan

peacockclanWatercolour and ink 11 x 14

$250 framed

The proud peacocks at Hatley Castle grounds.

Billy's Pooch

billyspoochWatercolour - 5x7 In private Collection

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bilstonsheepfarmArtist - Dorothy Donovan

11x14 (16 x 20 framed)

watercolour $250 framed

Grouping together following the leader, the sheep show their peacefulness and we feel it as they feed. We were kindly given time at a Metchosin Farm to enjoy this peaceful environment. Thanks to the busy lady who gave us this opportunity.

Fluffy Sheep

fluffysheepWatercolour and ink 11x14 framed

This sheep looked at me in a very friendly way and seems to be laying her head in her own fluffy coat. She was there with lots of her friends and she was a little apprehensive of this curious person taking pictures. I used pen and ink to show the basic picture and then put in a light wash of watercolour and some gouache for texture.


Comfy Basset

bassetonpinetreequiltmar07Watercolour 16 X 20

Can't you just fall in love with him?

SOLD at auction for Chamber of Commerce

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N fjord_horse_Dec_07Fjording is what the Norwegians call this type of horse. This colour is my favorite colour for a horse. I love horses of all shapes and sizes.

Watercolour SOLD

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