Towhead and Towhee

Towhead and Towhee

18x20 Watercolour

In private collection 

Towhead and the Towhee 2018 Small

Baby Doll

Baby Doll_smJune_10

11x14 framed price $110

This little girl can play "Mommy" with her baby sized doll. I enjoyed the tender look on her face.



Jeremy sm.2012JPG16x20 framed Watercolour



baby sm8x10 unframed


Carmen 2012sm16x20 Framed Watercolour


Mia Tate

Mia Tate_Sept_10_005sm16x20 framed - Great Grandpa's Commission

In personal Collection

The Little Gardener

the Little_Gardener_sm_June_2010_010Watercolour 16x20 framed $220

This picture could tell a story, maybe several.




harrison(click on picture to enlarge)

Watercolour 11x14 NFS

Collection Artist

What a nice smile for a little poem I have! Maybe one of these days, see what happens. What do you think.

My Tongue Is Pink

mytongueispink(click on picture to enlarge) Painted for book illustration

Watercolour 8x10 (NFS) Commissions taken

Artist's collection

Me Two

Me Two_2010_smWatercolour 16x20 Framed NFS

Enlarged from a tiny b & w photo, this is me playing with the soap meant for blowing bubbles. I don't think I was old enough to know what to do with it. I was probably eating the bubbles.


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