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betterthansacrifice"Two Powerful Series of Messages that cover a lot of spiritual truth"

by author Ron Donovan

The first group of messages enforces the truth that Obedience to our God and our Saviour are vital to our Christian walk. It explores the two original words as translated from Greek to English. Not a serious language study but a recognition of the difference between Obedience and Disobedience that is quite meaningful.

The second series of messages follows the life and journies of Moses and he learn who God is and His plan for our salvation. Stand with Moses as he visits God at the burning bush and in more depths at the vision of Calvary.

Open your heart and mind to what God has for us in and through the Word.

Copyright 2009 - 213 Pages

First Edition - CDN$15.95 (Special $12.95 CDN)


light"A detailed study of Isaiah 9:2"

by author Ron Donovan

A study based on Isaiah 9:2. It is a study that brings enlightenment into the Christian walk and draws us to make our lives more effective and more light filled.

Copyright 1999 - 112 Pages

First Edition - CDN$9.95 (Sale Price CDN$7.95)

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