Always Reaching

alwaysreachingby author Ron Donovan

Charles Hennessey had two major loves in his life. His first was Locust Knoll, his beautiful mansion on the hill. The second was Ann Morrow. He could not afford the first and the second appeared to be unobtainable. He found a way that was expensive and heart-breaking. When he had attained these major goals he found a greater need was still there. Read about Charles' search for peace and love. Can righteous man be a criminal? Better ask can a criminal be a righteous man? Experience with Charles his journey through war, heartbreak and many struggles. Watch him obtain his goals that were beyond his reach.

Copyright 2001 - 240 Pages

First Edition - CDN$14.95 (Special CDN$9.95)

Jean Paul

jeanpaulby author Ron Donovan

What kind of sprit would affect the lights and the television? Was it a restless spirit that prowled waiting for someone to set Jean Paul free? Paul Davidson deals with prejudice, fear and anger in this story. He learns that there is more happening around him than he might have imagined. A quiet winter in the country becomes a busy one with life leading in several directions. Why not walk those directions with Paul.

Copyright 2000 - 206 Pages

First Edition - CDN$14.95 (Special CDN$9.95)

Early Delivery - Cape Breton Style

earlydeliveryby author Ron Donovan

It was an upward climb for Sam whose grandmother said he was not worth much. In spite of an upward climb with obstacles all along the way, Sam make things happen in his life. Good friends came along side to help him through the tough places.

Walk with Sam and his hard luck family as they struggle with life. Laugh with him, cry with him, but enjoy him as he makes life happen.

Copyright 2000 - 229 Pages with illustrations by Dorothy Donovan

First Edition - CDN$14.95 (Special CDN$9.95)

Reason To Live

reasontoliveby author Ron Donovan

Wilson had a high calling. When doors were closed to that high calling, and debilitating health problem plagued him, he turned his energy to his second love, business and the accumulation of wealth. Through many problems he persevered and fulfilled both callings in his life. He helped to change the face of the great city in which he lived.

Walk with Wilson, weep with him, celebrate with him as he enters wholeheartedly into a life of struggle and success.

Copyright 2000 - 396 Pages

First Edition - CDN$14.95 (Special CDN$9.95)

A Trilogy of Three Novels

trilogyAnd Rolling | Code Name R.A.E. | Sixteen Trees

by author Ron Donovan

Three short story novels under one cover.

And Rolling - presents a fiction story taking place in Toronto and dealing with illegal action in the business circle. Interesting action with a quick solution.

Code Name R.A.E. - the adventures of three young boys who get into some serious situations and walk on the edge of danger and intrigue.

Sixteen Trees - leads a business man who is trying to live a quiet life into a life of danger, shock and adventure. It is a heart warming story taking place in the deep south.

Copyright 2009 - 226 Pages

First Edition - CDN $15.95 special ($12.95 CDN)


billy"A Story about my Father"

by author Ron Donovan

Billy is the story of a boy, a father and a stubborn, strong, independent person who lived in middle of the twentieth century. His place of birth and his choice of place to live were always Nova Scotia. Being born into poverty, a broken home and childhood lacking in love was a factor in his life. In spite of the abuse and poverty, he was able to grow up with a deep love for his mother and always a desire to help and support her. The boy became a man, a husband and a father. His deep, possessive love made life difficult, especially for his wife but also for his boys. As they got older they realized how he held onto them and made every effort to restrict their freedom. Instead of fighting his restrictive love, they recognized and appreciated his genuine love and move within its boundaries, endeavouring to accept his deep and strong love.

Copyright 2008 - 251 Pages

First Edition (2008) - CDN$19.95

Second Edition (2009) - CDN $14.95

Sam's Chance


by Ron Donovan

A Sequel to Early Delivery finds Sam as a young adult facing a new challenge. Read how he handles this threat to his life.

"Sam who has lived above the hardships and abuse of alcoholic parents, and poverty, has been able to develop a strong personality. With his ambition he has moved from the one industry town to live in the provincial capital city of Nova Scotia. Choosing to enroll in a well known and respected University where he quickly made friends with Mickey from Prince Edward Island. The two young men develop a friendship based on dependability and sincere commitment to their studies until one day Sam is missing. He finds himself in painful captivity.

The abuse, the struggle and the battle to find freedom takes us through this difficult time in Sam's life. Join Sam and his new friends as he finds freedom and at the same time finds liberty in his spiritual life."

Ron's newest book now available through Publish

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