jdeercrossingWatercolour 16 x 20 framed $295

Giclee Prints are also available

My favorite way to paint - with big brushes - lots of deer where we live not unusual to see them happily munching in our gardens.

timetoleaveWatercolour 16x20 framed $250

Watching the geese go south for the winter from the Lagoon.

meditatinginthegardenby Judi Blanchard

A fun little painting. I didn't know what it was until it was finished then I saw the lady in the garden.

Watercolour 9x12 Framed $125.00

J045Watercolour framed 12x16

An on-site painting on a Highlands property.

colquitzcreekWatercolour by Judi Blanchard

Colquitz Creek, the reflections on the water were so vivid, I just had to paint them even though I was perched very precariously on the bank edge. Although taking life risks, I had no mishap and a mother duck and her chicks swam by adding to the moment of the lovely painting location in Victoria.

18x24 $295 framed.


britishmoorsWatercolour by Judi Blanchard

Painted with a big brush in a workshop with Ron Ranson a very well known artist. I picked up more techniques and hints and enjoyed painting this picture which I am sharing with you.

18x24 $295.00 framed

millstreamcreekWatercolour by Judi

Another Big Brush painting: you can't get too picky when painting this way which can be a good thing in Watercolour

18x24 framed $275.

JbestfriendsArtist - Judi Blanchard

Watercolour SOLD

Giclee Prints are available $95 11X15 unframed.

This is one of my favorite things, walking in the woods on a crisp Autumn morning and we have so many lovely places near by to do this.

afterthestormA sunny but cold morning in November after our first storm of the season, it warmed my heart to see someone feeding our feathered friends.

18x24 Watercolour framed $295

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