May And November On the Banks of The Avon

daisiesArtist - Lil Dobson (SOLD)

Available in Giclee prints stretched on canvas or ready to frame Watercolour paper

My Little Treasure

childWatercolour Original painting (16x20 framed)

giclee prints, matted and ready to frame

Blackfoot Elder

blackfootelderOil Pastels

Available in giclee prints only, matted and ready to frame.


jenniferSoft Pastels. Artist's Collection

Face Of Unemployment

faceofunemploymentPencil Drawing (artist's collection)


sarahsportraitWatercolour by Lil Dobson (Artists Collection)

The Rickety Bench

loversonbenchGiclee prints available to fit 11x14 frame

Ballet Dancer

balletdancersoft pastel by Lil Dobson (SOLD)

Sorry, no prints available

The Beginning Of a Beautiful Friendship

kidsonthebeachWatercolour (SOLD)

Prints available matted to fit 11x14 frame.


deirdreWatercolour by Lil Dobson (in private Collection)

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