billy"A Story about my Father"

by author Ron Donovan

Billy is the story of a boy, a father and a stubborn, strong, independent person who lived in middle of the twentieth century. His place of birth and his choice of place to live were always Nova Scotia. Being born into poverty, a broken home and childhood lacking in love was a factor in his life. In spite of the abuse and poverty, he was able to grow up with a deep love for his mother and always a desire to help and support her. The boy became a man, a husband and a father. His deep, possessive love made life difficult, especially for his wife but also for his boys. As they got older they realized how he held onto them and made every effort to restrict their freedom. Instead of fighting his restrictive love, they recognized and appreciated his genuine love and move within its boundaries, endeavouring to accept his deep and strong love.

Copyright 2008 - 251 Pages

First Edition (2008) - CDN$19.95

Second Edition (2009) - CDN $14.95

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