LilDobsonLogoSMALLBanner2014Lil Dobson was born and raised in the North East of England. She emigrated from England when she was 20 years old, and spent many years in rural Alberta.

She was largely self-taught until she moved to Victoria, BC where she obtained more formal training and where her work is becoming more and more well known.

The incredible and ever-changing beauty of Vancouver Island is Lil's main inspiration for her paintings.  She is amazed that a short walk will give inspiration for wonderful landscapes, seascapes, and the famous flowers of the area. Although some of her paints are from other parts of the world, Vancouver Island is her first love. Lil got into painting animals almost by accident, after painting her daughter's dog.  Several others followed and serves as another outlet.  Lil works mainly in watercolour but also has branched out into some pastel and multimedia works. Please take time to scroll through Lil's paintings.  Some paintings are sold but are still available in print form, most other paintings are also available as prints.  If you have any question please contact Lil HERE and she will be only too happy to give you a quick reply.

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You may reach Lil Dobson via Email or Telephone -- CLICK HERE